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Patient Resources

Clinic patient information handout explaining
intramuscular stimulation (Gunn IMS).

"What is IMS?"

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Focused Physical Exam - Theory of Myofascial Pain

Dr. John Kent

החברה לרפואת שריר ושלד ISMM

Published on Nov 7, 2016

The Israeli Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine

Lecture 7 of Internet Lecture series - prerequisite for practical courses in dry needling (IMS)

YouTube Video

Translations of this material may be available
in your language.

Events, Lectures, Videos, Tools

DIY Learning - Educate yourself by learning about the muscle, nerve, and skeletal systems
in order to communicate effectively with your practitioner.

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If your injury is work place related, please see WCB page.

"Be Your Own Boss"

Patient Resources

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Children & Youth

"GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear" 

This book encourages children to communicate their feelings and to explore, visualize and describe their pain.

This children's book has won two awards: 

Pain Awareness Award 2011 from the Canadian Pain Society and the Canadian Pain Coalition

Children’s Literature Award 2011 from the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

Author: Cathryn Morgan

Illustrator: Crystal Beshara

ISBN 978-1-897508-84-8

Preview pages, order book online



Stanford Patient Education Research Center (originally the Stanford Arthritis Center Education Office) has developed, tested, and evaluated self-management programs for people with chronic health problems. Small group, mailed and internet based self help workshops are offered. Available worldwide and in several languages. Often offered at no charge.

Self Management for Chronic Pain

Online Workshops

Organizations Licensed to Offer the
Chronic Pain Self-Management


Affiliates Canada

Ministry of Health, Patients as Partners Initiative administered by the University of Victoria.
FREE to participants: family, friends and/or caregivers are also welcome to attend. 

Please refer back to the previous version of our website, great educational resource.

Education - legacy website

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Thank you for making GunnIMS resources available to the public, for patients, practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts alike.

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