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Hi there, Just wanted to pop by and say I\'ve been plagued by nerve pain originating from car accidents. It has ruined my life. The physical toll has been incredible. I\'ve been unable to do chores, my work week has been force ably shortened. The first accident (2008) was followed by 6 months of traditional physiotherapy and a big load of gabapentin to reset my brain. Neuropathic pain is something i would wish upon no one. I was in another car accident last November. The pain returned. I had no relief untill yesterday. I had happened to come into a physiotherapy clinic in Langley that does IMS treatment. Last night i slept for the first time in months. I am at work today (on time i might add) The relief is un comprable. I am still on a few muscle relaxer drugs as prescribed. I have my next appointment for Friday. The emotions i feel right now cannot be described. There is a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. All i can say is if you are in pain. Go see someone and try this. If you know physical pain with no end in sight. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

(I,M.) - submitted June 3, 2014

Dear iSTOP clinic,

I was recently exposed to IMS at a physiotherapy appointment in Whistler. I had quite a remarkable experience, as perhaps many have had before me. The reason for my visit was to treat chronic plantar fasciitis, and my plantar fasciitis was relieved substantially after only one visit. I went back for another session and asked the therapist to work on my lower back which had been injured in a lifting injury several years ago. She needled me in my QL and thoracic/lumbar spinal muscles and I felt incredible relief, not just in chronic tightness and pain, but in digestive function, energy level, and general ease in function. I went back for a third session to work on my right leg and foot, which had been injured in various biking and skiing and running activities. I now find that my ability to use the muscles of my leg correctly has increased. My glutes are now firing correctly (they were difficult to activate). I was amazed at the pain and spasm reduction but because IMS is intended for pain relief, I expected those results.

But what is most remarkable to me is the increased energy, improved digestion, and other functions that have improved along with the pain relief.

I wanted to ask Dr. Gunn if, aside from using IMS for chronic pain, he has found IMS to be effective in other functions carried by the nerves that were previously blocked. For example, digestion that may have been impaired by a lower back injury, proprioception impaired by a glute issue, and general fatigue improved by effective nerve function.

Briefly stated, is IMS activating the nerves or the muscles, or both? Have you found it to improve general well being, general health and other non-skeletal muscle functions in your patients over the years?

Thanks for developing this incredible modality. As a PhD scientist, I am naturally curious and would like to understand better how to benefit most from IMS and my past injuries.

With regards,

(M.M. Ph.D. - Geneticist) - submitted February 17, 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Brian R. Bennett in Edmonton, Alberta, regarding a Rotator Cuff injury from years of sports activities. After my very first treatment within a day I had lost about 60-70% of the pain I was having in my shoulder. I also gained a little more movement in my arm. The pain was my big issue as it has kept me awake most nights as it was constant all the time. Loosing movement in my shoulder was also very important, but now as I gain control of my arm back, I\'m at least not in constant pain all day long. After my second treatment, I have gained a little more movement back. It will take a while to work out the issues, but I\'m confident that it will happen. I also wanted to let anybody with this type of injury or other know that I am not a big fan of needles and was a little sceptical at first, but I am a firm believer now. It doesn't sound very appealing to have needles stuck in you, but believe me, it is WELL worth it! The needles hardly bother me at all even when they are put in the problem areas and with the quick return of my movement in my arm and the vast loss in the pain I had makes it well worth it. Dr. Bennett is fantastic and really knows his stuff, plus he\'s been doing it almost since the very beginning when Dr. Gunn introduced it. I really lucked out by contacting him from the very start. I\'m sure I would have spent a lot of wasted time, money and sleep if I had gone to a regular doctor who may not have understood these types of injuries. Dr. Bennett can be reached at: if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

(S.B.) – submitted March 17, 2011

I cannot praise this method of pain relief enough. Following its success on my own badly worn back I recommend IMS to everyone I know. I have watched my Mum be cured of her arthritis, my cousin come off of morphine and all medication for her hip pain, a dear colleague return back to work on the very day his back operation was due, my Fiance is nearly totally off his acid reflux medication, my colleague's husband is cured of severe shoulder pain. It has NEVER failed. Trouble is that it sounds too good to be true that most people think I'm just talking about some "witch doctor" treatment and don't believe me. I long for the day that this becomes a recognised method of pain relief and is available on the NHS. Keep up the good work guys.

(L. S.) Oxford, England – submitted March 18, 2011

I have been having IMS for the last 6 years or so. I cannot speak highly enough about this treatment. I had been visiting physiotherapists and chiropractors for YEARS. I had some successes for a short time with some; others gave me no relief. I eventually met Wendy Bowen of Startline Physiotherapy in Duncan, BC. While IMS will not "cure" my ailments, it is by far the most effective management therapy of my pain. I "crave" my needles now which is odd because the treatment can be very uncomfortable. The beauty of the treatment though is you can have as much IMS as you can tolerate. The more you do in one session, the bigger the relief so it is the old "no pain, no gain" story. You feel a little muscular soreness after the treatment but it's gone within a day or two. IMS keeps me comfortable and able to go pain free throughout my day and I can not say that about any other physio treatment I have received. I LOVE IMS. (and I love that it involves no drugs, side effects, etc.) I am a total believer in IMS as a treatment for chronic muscular pain.

(S.R.) - submitted September 14, 2014

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