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Audio Video recordings and slideshows of lectures, interviews, presentations, and special events
related to Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for chronic pain and other treatable diseases and medical conditions.

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"Grasp Seeking Re-Alignment Needling (GS RN)" 

Power Point Presentation

With accompanying letter from Dr. Allan Lam to all IMS Practitioners


  • clinical observation
  • straight-forward approach getting far better and quicker results than before
  • 87% of the patients treated reported noticeable improvements after one 5-10 minutes’ treatment session
  • thanks to Dr CC Gunn & i-STOP


2021 Annual UBC Chan Gunn Lecture

"The World's Greatest Athlete and Gunn IMS" 
Held: Thursday October 21st, 6:00 pm (PST)

Moderator: Cory Choma PT, Senior UBC Gunn IMS Instructor 

Introduction: Dr. Michael Koehle, MD, PhD (HOST)

UBC Professor, Sport & Exercise Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & School of Kinesiology

Free to the public virtual event hosted by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC Canada

Discussion with Olympic champion Damian Warner and his physiotherapist, UBC Gunn IMS Instructor Dave Zelibka


  • The role UBC Gunn IMS dry needling played in his winning gold at the Tokyo Olympic Games
  • Looking back at their nine-year journey to the top of the Olympic podium
  • How they manage the delicate balance between training and recovery
  • The benefits of using an injury prevention model instead of an injury treatment model
  • Damian's first experiences with dry needling and how their approach evolved through trial and error
  • How the Gunn IMS model helped Damian recover from and avoid overuse injuries throughout his career
  • Why desensitization of the nervous system is a crucial component, even in elite athletes
  • How Dave incorporated UBC Gunn IMS dry needling into a complex training and competition schedule

The lecture was followed by a live virtual Q&A session where attendees asked Damian and Dave their questions.
Over 700 registered, 300 people attended the live Q&A session.

Far greater attendance than ever experienced!

2021 UBC Chan Gunn Lecture VIDEO RELEASE

FREE access to video recording via EMBODIA

2021 UBC Chan Gunn Lecture VIDEO

UBC Gunn IMS Lecture Flyer 2021 PDF 

UBC Gunn IMS Website

2020 Annual UBC Gunn IMS Lecture

Held October 22, 2020

Length: 42:54


Dr. Michael Koehle, MD, PhD, Dip. Sport Med. (CASEM)

Professor, Division of Sport & Exercise Medicine & School of Kinesiology

Cory Choma, BScPT, BSc. (Chem) - Clinical Specialist (Pain Science), CGIMS

Quin Sekulich BPE, CSCS - Strength and Conditioning Coach

Neville Wright - Olympian Medalist, Performance Therapist, Coach, Mentor

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The team at UBC have created some resources to help Gunn IMS practitioners navigate the use of dry needling during COVID-19 and  important safety information to review before returning to using needles in practice.

  • Q & A Video
  • Descriptive text
  • Checklist
  • 11:14 minutes

Is it safe to dry needle during the COVID-19 pandemic? READ

LECTUREOverview of Acupuncture and Dry Needling for the MPT Student - Perspectives from Acupuncture and Gunn IMS

A lecture at UBC with Lyndal Solomons and Justin Baerg discussing their perspectives using GunnIMS and acupuncture respectively. 

Chan Gunn Pavilion. UBC

January 28 2020

40:28 minutes

Acupuncture Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

CPA Website


USA Radio Show Recordings
Series of Radio Interviews with Nicki Snazell in Stafford, United Kingdom broadcast in the United States of America

News Article - The Paper of Montgomery County Online

Tortured By Chronic Pain? Dry Needling Is an Alternative To Opioids

December 15, 2019


iSTOP Testimonials


Nicki Snazell - iSTOP Member Profile






Nicky Snazell Interview - The Four Keys To Health (Book Launch)

WOCA OCALA, FLDecember 23, 2019



KTRH HOUSTON, TXDecember 19, 2019



KIQI SAN FRANCISCO, CASpanish & EnglishDecember 20, 2019



34th Annual Gunn-Loke Lecture

“Advances Toward Mechanism-based Treatments for Chronic Pain Disorders”

Presented by: Theodore J. Price, PhD, Eugene McDermott Professor; Director, Center for Advanced Pain Studies; Program Head, Neuroscience BS, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees should be able to:

(1) Understand how technological advancements in sequencing technologies are enabling greater mechanistic insight into drivers of chronic pain in human populations;

(2) Gain knowledge about some chronic pain mechanisms seem to be very distinct in males and females;

(3) Learn about ideas for how future chronic pain therapeutics can be targeted to specific populations based on underlying disease mechanisms.

Direct link to YOUTUBE Video

2019 Annual UBC Chan Gunn Lecture

October 24, 2019

Practical Application of Gunn IMS to Clinical Challenges

Each year, distinguished scholars/clinicians are invited to speak at the UBC-Chan Gunn Annual Lecture about issues related to IMS and neuropathic pain. This lecture is held in honour of Dr. Chan Gunn and his generous contributions.


Introduction and overview of Gunn IMS - Dr. Michael Koehle and Lyndal Solomons

UBC original webpage

Case Study - Pelvic and Spinal Pain in Elite Bobsledder - Cory Choma

UBC original webpage

Intramuscular Stimulation - Slideshow in Spanish

Estimulación intramuscular - diapositivas español


Vancouver Sun 

Published on Feb 16, 2018


Dr. Chan Gunn, a Vancouver physician who pioneered a technique to alleviate pain from nerve damage.

Connective Tissue, Stretching, Inflammation and Musculoskeletal Pain

33rd Annual Gunn-Loke Lecture

October 23, 2018

University of Washington, USA

Speaker: Helene Langevin, MD

Division of Preventive Medicine

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

Brigham and Women's Hosptial, Harvard Medical School


The mysterious world under the skin

Under the skin, the human body has a connective tissue called fascia that contains muscles and nerves. But what does the fascia do?

Deutsche Welle - DW Akademie



key words

agglutinated fascia

anatomy trains

connective tissue

collagen over production

tensegrity engineering

TGF stress trigger

hyaluronic acid

manual fascia manipulation


dry needling


Stretching, Connective Tissue, Chronic Pain, and Cancer

University of California Television (UCTV)

May 2, 2016

Dr. Helene Langevin explains the importance of connective tissue in the body and its link to the immune system. She talks about recent findings on the effects of stretching on inflammation and fibrosis and the the relevance of these findings to chronic pain and cancer. 

Langevin is the director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

Series: "Integrative Medicine Today" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 30714]

April 6, 2016






connective tissue

immune system

chronic pain



Can't see video?




Pathophysiology (Gunn Model) - Theory of Myofascial Pain

Speaker: Dr. John Kent

iSTOP Member Profile

Published on Nov 7, 2016

Duration 18:20 min

Internet Lecture Series

Prerequisite for practical courses in dry needling (IMS)

The Israeli Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine החברה הישראלית לרפואת שריר ושלד
Published on Nov 7, 2016

Theory of Myofascial Pain - Opening Remarks - Dr. Simon Vulfsons (3:13 min)
  1. Introduction - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Negev Bar (11:03 min)
  2. The History of Dry Needling - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Prof. Aharon Finestone (11:16 min)
  3. Clinical Presentation - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Motti Ratmansky (18:20 min)
  4. Pathophysiology - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Amir Minerbi (19:41 min)
  5. Pathophysiology (Gunn Model) - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. John Kent (18:20 min)
  6. Physical Examination - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Simon Vulfsons (12:09 min)
  7. Focused Physical Exam - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. John Kent (20:59 min)
  8. Musculoskeletal Toolboxes - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Simon Vulfsons (16:58 min)
  9. Case Study - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Motti Ratmansky (17:37 min)
  10. Treatment Plan - Theory of Myofascial Pain - Dr. Amir Minerbi (26:47 min)

Watch all videos in this series of lectures - Youtube

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) - Beyond Neuropathic Pain
Dr. Ong Too, Malaysia

Presented at Fourth Annual UBC – Chan Gunn Lecture

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

October 22nd, 2015

No video available, PDF script only

Beyond Neuropathic Pain - PDF

Dr. Chan Gunn Pain Management

Speaker Dr. David Kim

iSTOP Member Profile

"This is a lecture I gave in honor of my mentor, Chan Gunn, MD. He is truly a revolutionary doctor.
The world needs to know his methods. His methods saved my life many times, and those of many patients". 

University of British Columbia (UBC) October of 2013.

Duration: 32:50 min

Dr. David Kim (Health Without Boundaries) - "Dr. Chan Gunn Pain Management" October 2013


Vancouver Sun News Article

Vancouver doctor donates $5 million to UBC for sports medicine 

5M Donation Powers UBC Plan

March 5, 2015 - T. Crawford


Newspaper article and Video Interview with Dr. Gunn 

Duration 1:30 min


Interview Series - 2011 UK

"Dr. C. Chan Gunn was trained in traditional acupuncture but has replaced this exclusively with IMS. 

His confidence in the amazing changes possible with IMS comes through' in this interview with iSTOP member 

James Pinkney (PhysioUK)

Discussion topics highlighted include:

  • what Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is used for
  • how neuropathic pain underpins the IMS treatment philosophy
  • how Cannon's Law underpins the physical signs you will learn to look for when you have trained in IMS
  • physical signs you will look for to see if someone could benefit from IMS
  • possible clinical effects of IMS
  • segmental nature of IMS
  • differences between IMS and a trigger point approach to treating pain
  • goals for IMS as a clinical modality

YouTube Videos

Part 1  4:25 min

Part 2  6:15 min

Part 3  3:30 min


Our gratitude goes out to all iSTOP members and donors since 1994. 

Thanks to you Gunn intramuscular stimulation information resources are freely available to
the public, for patients & their family members, CGIMS certified practitioners, health advocates, pain researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Gunn IMS "points" the way!

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