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March 2019

7 higher ed thought leaders to follow

Who to watch, and why and how

By: Melissa Ezarik | March 28, 2019 

Who: Santa J. Ono, president, University of British Columbia

Why: Ono aims to demystify the role of the college president and to ensure that everyone feels comfortable talking with him. He uses social media to show he’s accessible. He has spread awareness on mental health by opening up on social media about his own struggles as a student battling depression.

How: @ubcprez on Twitter, with 19,000 followers; Santa J. Ono on LinkedIn

Source - University Business

iSTOP Tweet

Congratulations Professor Ono! Thank you for being an advocate for Gunn IMS, a thought leader indeed!

March 2019


Thanks for the update on courses in Canada.

Here in Israel we’re now offering around 10 courses a year on management of chronic pain using IMS, with a heavy accent on the Gunn Approach. I acknowledge that we are not CGIMS purists, but we are reaching upwards of 400 physicians and physiotherapists (and osteopaths and chiropractors) each year. We now have the highest number of primary-care practitioners doing IMS per capita in the world! Secondary-care level pain clinics are springing up over the country to manage myofascial pain. There are physicians who understand the myofascial approach in the Pain Units of almost all of the major hospitals in the country (tertiary care).

I don’t recall whether I’ve told you, but Israel has introduced IMS into the undergraduate curriculum of physiotherapists at Ben Gurion University and the medical school of Bar Ilan University, and into the Family Medicine training program at the Technion Medical School.


I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Chan, and to all of the staff, to have made this explosion in medical knowledge and advancement of pain management possible. On the one hand, it’s obvious that the Education Committee would list us as “rogue instructors” because we don’t use the Gunn book as the only source of knowledge. On the other hand, in the last 17 years that I’ve been teaching IMS in Israel, we’ve reached well over 1,000 therapists and significantly changed the burden of pain in many thousands of people. In the final analysis, that is the “primary endpoint” of all our efforts.


I send my love and warmest regards to all, and especially Chan and Peggy.

John Kent, MD 
iSTOP International Advisory Board

Member Profile

Dr. Gunn's response:

Thank you for your email. I am very happy to hear that you have done so well. I'm sure that the progress of IMS in Israel owes much to you.

The Gunn IMS Program is doing well in Vancouver under the new professor Michael Koehle and Joanne McBrinn at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

With the new Pavilion more MD's are becoming interested in IMS.

C. Chan Gunn, MD

President and Founder of iSTOP

Dr Chan Gunn, East 1946-50. On 15th

March 2018, the University of British

Columbia celebrated the official opening ceremony

of the Chan Gunn Pavilion at its Vancouver

campus. This 20,000-square-foot

state-of-the-art facility for exercise and sport

medicine teaching, research and patient care

was made possible thanks to the generosity

of donors including OL Dr Chan Gunn (pictured

on the left wearing his OL tie).

The new rehabilitation space, gym and labs in

the Chan Gunn Pavilion will house researchers

studying the healing power of exercise, working

to improve athletic performance, investigating

sports-related injury recovery strategies

and exploring optimal exercise training for people

with cancer and other chronic diseases.

The Chan Gunn IMS Wing for research,

teaching, and care will also continue advancing

and promoting Gunn Intramuscular

Stimulation as a treatment for chronic and

neuropathic pain around the world, an innovative

treatment developed by Dr Gunn in

the 1970s. Dr Gunn said that he and his wife

Peggy “are honoured that UBC has devoted

part of this building to building on my life’s

work in helping people”.

A Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

of London, Dr Gunn’s pioneering work in the

field of pain treatment has been recognised

with awards including the Queen Elizabeth

II Diamond and Golden Jubilee Medals, the

Order of British Columbia and the Chinese

Canadian Legend Award. He was named as

one of the most influential Chinese-Canadians

in Canada by the CBC and is a Member

of the Order of Canada.

UK Source:

Old Leysian Summer 2018 PDF pg 4

July 2018

"New home for sports medicine and exercise science opens at UBC"
UBC Development and Alumni Engagement
READ Article  dated July 9, 2018

View VIDEO on YouTube

March 2018

Chan Gunn Pavilion - Opening Ceremony 
University of British Columbia Canada

Opening Ceremony for the Chan Gunn Pavilion was held March 15, 2018.

Photo Gallery


Town Talk: Vancouver Sun (blog)
The president of the University of B.C., Santa Ono, and the dean of medicine, Dermot Kelleher, officially opened the Point Grey campus's 13,480-square-foot Chan Gunn Pavilion that was kick-started by Dr. Chan Gunn's donation. It houses numerous physical-activity

Read more

Sports Medicine News
by Dr. Jack Taunton, CMO
Tips Canada Medical
Physical Activity and Exercise Medicine at University of British Columbia
The Chan Gunn Pavilion is the hub for the centre for physical activity and exercise medicine at UBC

Read more

Official Opening of the Chan Gunn Pavilion
Dean Blye Frank attended... 

Read more

UBC University of British Columbia
Facebook Post
The Chan Gunn Pavilion, a new facility for the UBC Faculty of M
edicine, will house physicians and physical therapists who treat about 3,500 patients a month.
Read more

UBC News
University of British Columbia, New home for sports medicine and exercise science opens at UBC

Exploring the benefits of exercise, improving athletic performance and treating sports-related injuries will be the focus of a new building that officially opens today at the University of British Columbia. The Chan Gunn Pavilion, a new facility for the UBC faculty of medicine

Read more

New sports physiotherapy facility opens at UBC. Students, doctors, and physiotherapists have a new building to call home at the University of British Columbia. The Chan Gunn Pavilion officially opened its doors Thursday. The two-storey, 20,000 square-foot space for the faculty of medicine houses a rehabilitation gym (includes VIDEO)

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Singtao News
Read more

(Simplified Chinese)

Global Chinese Website Vancouver Station

Read more

(Simplified Chinese)

Simplified Chinese

不列颠哥伦比亚省新的Chan Gunn Pavilion将每月治疗3,500人受伤



不列颠哥伦比亚大学的Chan Gunn Pavilion于4日开幕。医院分为两层,占地面积(1,615平方米(17,384平方英尺))。它有一个运动员康复中心,一个研究办公室,一个办公室和一个诊所。受伤的运动员,医生和物理治疗师将能够在未来交流和协助患者。

Bùlièdiān gēlúnbǐyǎ shěng xīn de Chan Gunn Pavilion jiāng měi yuè zhìliáo 3,500 rén shòushāng quánqiú huárén wǎngluò zīliào láiyuán: Xīng dǎo wèiyú dàlóu nèi de yùndòngyuán de kāngfù shèbèi. Bùlièdiān gēlúnbǐyǎ dàxué de Chan Gunn Pavilion yú 4 rì kāimù. Yīyuàn fēn wéi liǎng céng, zhàn dì miànjī (1,615 píngfāng mǐ (17,384 píngfāng yīngchǐ)). Tā yǒu yīgè yùndòngyuán kāngfù zhōngxīn, yīgè yán jiù bàngōngshì, yīgè bàngōngshì hé yīgè zhěnsuǒ. Shòushāng de yùndòngyuán, yīshēng hé wùlǐ zhìliáo shī jiāng nénggòu zài wèilái jiāoliú hé xiézhù huànzhě.

Traditional Chinese

不列顛哥倫比亞省新的Chan Gunn Pavilion將每月治療3,500人受傷



不列顛哥倫比亞大學的Chan Gunn館於4日開幕。醫院分為兩層,佔地面積(1,615平方米(17,384平方英尺))。它有一個運動員康復中心,一個研究辦公室,一個辦公室和一個診所。受傷的運動員,醫生和物理治療師將能夠在未來交流和協助患者。


BC's new Chan Gunn Pavilion will treat 3,500 injuries each month

Global Chinese Network Source: Star Island

Rehabilitation equipment for athletes located in building.

The Chan Gunn Pavilion at the University of British Columbia opened on the 4th. The hospital is divided into two floors and covers an area of (1,615 SQ.M (17,384 SF)). It has an athlete rehabilitation center, a research office, an office and a clinic. Both injured athletes, physicians and physiotherapists will be able to communicate and assist patients in the future.

Construction and Architecture

Read more about the facility at the University of British Columbia in Canada
 Chan Gunn Pavilion 

October 2017

State-of-the-art Chan Gunn Pavilion is scheduled to open October, 2017, the facility
will house the Centre for Physical Activity & Exercise Medicine.

Faculty of Medicine

Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic | Department of Family Practice


UBC Development and Alumni Engagement


Image above not showing?
Click here to view on iSTOP's Facebook page

Press Release - September 19, 2016

Canada and British Columbia invest in infrastructure at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver

$51.5-million investment will create jobs, expand research and foster innovation...

$4.7 million in federal funding for the construction of the new Chan Gunn Pavilion (Sports Medicine Centre), which will become an interdisciplinary hub to advance innovations in physical activity and exercise medicine. UBC and donors will contribute $6.7 million...

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada - LINK

Communiqué de presse - Le 19 septembre 2016

Les gouvernements du Canada et de la Colombie-Britannique investissent dans les infrastructures de l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique à Vancouver L'investissement de 51,5 millions de dollars favorisera la création d'emplois, le développement de la recherche et l'innovation...

4,7 millions de dollars du gouvernement fédéral seront consacrés à la construction du pavillon Chan Gunn, qui servira de plate-forme pluridisciplinaire pour faire progresser les innovations dans le domaine de l'activité physique et de la médecine de l'exercice. L'investissement de l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique et de donateurs privés s'établit à 6,7 millions de dollars.

Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada - LINK

September 2016

The federal and provincial governments provides $4.7 million for project
construction of the new Chan Gunn Pavilion.

December 2017

Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volumes 1-5

William J Rea and Kalpana Patel
CRC Press 2010 - 2017

Gunn IMS is highlighted heavily throughout this publication series, the final volume was released December 18, 2017


July 2016

Chan Gunn Pain Center - Pusat gunn ims & Fisioterapi
Penang, Malaysia

Opening Ceremony for the pain center was held July 27, 2016

Photo Gallery

 Dr. Ong Too and Dr. Chan Gunn

June 2016
UBC Sports Medicine Chan Gunn Pavilion

UBC Construction Watch

May 2016

Thirty First Annual 2016 Gunn Loke Lecture

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

University of Washington (map)

Daniel Clauw, MD Dr. Clauw is a Professor of Anesthesiology, Medicine (Rheumatology) and Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. He serves as Director of the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan. He is very interested in nervous system mechanisms of myofascial pain.
Speaker Profile


April 2016

Poole Foundation provides gift for research and rehabilitation gym

The University of British Columbia’s future sports and exercise medicine centre will include a state-of-the-art gym, 

thanks to a donation from the Jack and Darlene Poole Foundation.

Media Release

August 2015

New release of the Gunn IMS Needling Manual now available for purchase
Order Book

July 2015

A new home for sports medicine, with help from a pioneering physician

UBC Medicine Magazine
ISSUU Flipbook - see page 23

March 2015

Pain relief pioneer donates for new UBC sport and exercise medicine centre
Brian Kladko - UBC Faculty of Medicine 
UBC website         
Print PDF

Vancouver doctor donates to UBC for sports medicine
5M Donation Powers UBC Plan - news article with video
Tiffany Crawford - Vancouver Sun 
News Article                Print PDF

March 2014

The Gunn IMS training program hosted by UBC became eligible for Main-Pro-M1 credits 
with the 
College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

September 2013

new portal was launched to help manage a growing membership
to publish the new iSTOP International Member Directory

April 2013

Spring of 2013 saw significant turnover "leaf" of events.
Research and teaching role was endowed to the Medical Faculty of the University of British Columbia, Department of Sports Medicine.


2013 also saw the closure of the iSTOP patient care clinic.
iSTOP moved its operations to an office setting and changed it's function as a membership and information entity.


UBC Medicine - The Magazine of the UBC Faculty of Medicine

Volume 7 No. 2 Fall 2011 Page 5

The Giving Tree - Philanthropy’s power to create better health

Focus on Philanthropy - a pioneer in pain management taps UBC to promote his cure


Dr Gunn is featured in The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians, 'a spirited celebration of the people who built the province'.

'Full of historical sidebars, anecdotes, illustrations and archival photographs'.

The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians

by Mark Forsythe & Greg Dickson

1-55017-368-5 • 200 pp • October 2005

Harbour Publishing


Corporate Name Change

“Institute for the Study of Soft Tissue and Other Pains” became

“The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain”

October 1994

iSTOP was founded in 1994 under the name “Institute for the Study of Soft Tissue and Other Pains.”

The organization was registered with Revenue Canada as a Charitable Organization

For iSTOP news prior to April 2013, click here legacy website


Our gratitude goes out to all iSTOP members and donors since 1994. 

The iSTOP website will soon be transitioning to
UBC Gunn IMS Program – Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
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Thanks to you Gunn intramuscular stimulation information resources are freely available to
the public, for patients & their family members, CGIMS certified practitioners, health advocates, pain researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Gunn IMS "points" the way!

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