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Cited Works

On our initial search using Google Scholar, we batch harvested over 1700 articles citing CC Gunn. Since then the collection has doubled and more, such that Google no longer generates a count!

To show how Gunn IMS has propagated and permeated into so many fields of medicine, with international scope reaching to many cultures and language groups worldwide, we are currently building an exhaustive index and database for such far reaching primary and tertiary articles.

Primary Works

Index of Dr. Chit Chan Gunn's primary published works.

Articles and books authored and co-authored
directly by Dr. Chit Chan Gunn


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Who's Dr. Gunn?


CC Gunn

Chan Gunn

Chit Chan Gunn

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation

Gunn IMS

Trigger Point

Dry Needling

"Weak Tea" Acupuncture

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Click on spreadsheet to access highly cited scholarly publications related to Gunn IMS. We include recent publications with zero count as well to show current and ongoing interest.

Google Spreadsheet of tertiary articles citing Dr. Gunn's works.


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Most Popular Article

First published in 1980, this article has been cited over 250 times
and continues to be cited since! 

"Dry needling of muscle motor points for chronic low-back pain:
a randomized clinical trial with long-term follow-up"




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Weblog of noteworthy published works, key topics related to Gunn IMS.

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Featured Publication

Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity
William J Rea and Kalpana Patel

Dr. Gunn's concept of the “reversibility of chronic degenerative disease and hypersensitivity” has been incorporated into this five volume series of publications by Rea and Patel. These ideas were first introduced in 1970 and it is most encouraging that the vital features and unprecedented approach to disease have at last become appreciated. Dr. Gunn's work is cited as a major contribution in this publication.

Volume 1
Regulating Mechanisms of Chemical Sensitivity

Volume 2

The Effects of Environmental Pollutants on the Organ Systems

Volume 3

Clinical Environmental Manifestations of Neurocardiovascular Systems

Volume 4
The Environmental Aspects of Chemical Sensitivity

Volume 5
Treatment Options of Chemical Sensitivity

Preview Online Available


iSTOP's role is transitioning to
UBC Gunn IMS Program – Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
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