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Thank you for your interest in Dr. Gunn’s modality of intramuscular stimulation. On behalf of iSTOP we wish the best for your health as well as your family members and acquaintances worldwide.


Due to COVID19, many practitioners are stepping back temporarily or incrementally to comply with CDC requirements. Please bear with us during this unprecedented time. iSTOP remains open as an office based information center for Gunn IMS. 

About iSTOP

The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1994. Dr. C Chan Gunn is the founder and president CC Gunn Profile

In April 2013, iSTOP transitioned into an administrative entity. The iSTOP patient care clinic closed and the teaching and research was endowed to the University of British Columbia. ISTOP now operates as an information centre for Gunn IMS. 

Please visit our two websites for more details about GunnIMS, a good resource for both patients and practitioners.

iSTOP Website

Please note that the legacy website is no longer being updated. IMS has been in existence for nearly fifty years, yet the information is still current and valid.

Legacy Website (sun-setting)

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Access to Care

No referral through a GP is necessary to initiate treatment, and wait times are usually minimal. Search for a practitioner i

GunnIMS Certified Practitioners 

There are 1000’s of practitioners that have been trained in Gunn IMS, especially here in Vancouver, BC (where it all began), and in Alberta. Due to regulatory compliance per province/state, you will find practitioners are either Physiotherapists or Medical Doctors. 


Most of the practitioners treating with IMS in Canada are physiotherapists and may be from a sports medicine background. Some specialize in specific conditions ie pelvic girdle, sports injury, post surgery, thoracic, etc. You may find a few MD’s in Canada also, but they usually take the course for research purposes and out of diagnostic interest.
See related links per provincial zone.


Most practitioners in the United States are MD’s, according to state compliance.

See related links per state zone.


See related links per country zone.

Find a Practitioner

To search and contact a CGIMS certified practitioner yourself, please click the link below. 

The wayfinder map may also be of assistance in finding a clinic location more conveniently near to your home or work. Wayfinder Map

Most of the practitioners certified through iSTOP (prior to April 2013) are shown here in the international directory.

Member Directory - International

Dr. Gunn’s modality of treatment may be found internationally.

iSTOP International Practitioner Member Directory

Member Directory - Canada

A second directory of certified practitioners is found on the UBC website

Most of the practitioners certified through UBC (since April 2013) are located in Canada.

There are two official directories for Gunn IMS Practitioners learn why

ChangePain Inter-Disciplinary Pain Clinic 

The CpC clinic has not closed due to COVID, they have modified practice to comply with CDC requirements.

ChangePain is a multi-disciplinary pain care clinic offering both IMS and TrP treatment and distance consultant workshops on many levels.

Intramuscular Stimulations and Trigger Point Injection information pages are found here CpC Services

Practitioners offering intramuscular stimulation at the CpC clinic are:

Dr. Allan Lam is an MD who provides both IMS & TrP treatments. Dr Lam has published research articles with Dr. Gunn and helped with translation of the “Red book” into Chinese. Dr. Lam works out of two clinic locations.

Dr. Lam's CpC profile

MainYan Physio

Dr. Brenda Lau Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist also provides IMS and is Founder & Medical Director at the CpC.

Dr. Lau's CpC profile

Patient Resources

Clinic handout brochure as well as list of treatable conditions, quick share links

What is Gunn IMS? English

Online Flip Book 


List of clickable links to language translations that the "What is IMS?" brochure information is available in
100+ Languages

Pain Patient Tool Box

Terminology, definitions, glossary, interactive tools, trigger point charts, referred pain patterns, anatomy videos, etc.

Testimonials – Patient & Practitioner

We thank all who have submitted feedback in regards to their experience with GunnIMS, we look forward to seeing yours. Testimonials from patients and practitioners

Videos – Lectures

What to expect at your first treatment, the science behind IMS, testimonials, interviews, audio visual based learning.



Social Media

We have also been posting internet videos, lectures, and articles as they happen to our social media pages for easy access and sharing, a casual perspective. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin provides a historical log of posts.

Media Network

Medical Service Plan of BC (MSP)

At this time, MSP (in BC) does not cover IMS treatment fees. 

Extended Health Insurance

Your private medical or extended health insurance provider likely does provide coverage.

Please refer to your policy for coverage, IMS may be claimed under two categories


If MSP coverage is required, there is another treatment option available, relatively close to IMS.
Trigger Point Injections (TrP) are covered by MSP. (See CpC above).

Practitioner Resources

Dr. Gunn has published many books, articles, research papers, clinical trials, etc

They have been cited in several languages, cross many medical disciplines, and scopes of practice. wiki

Database spreadsheet of CC Gunn Cites

Dr. Gunn’s “Red Book” is prerequisite reading material for many dry needling courses offered by independent institutions worldwide (this book is currently under revision, add the 3rd edition to your watchlist). 

The Gunn Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pain:
Intramuscular Stimulation for Myofascial Pain of Radiculopathic Origin

Dr. Steve Goodman’s explanation about Gunn IMS in Chapter 15 of the book “Triggerpoint Dry Needling”.


Since 2013 the courses and research are under the care of UBC see details

Courses are also held in Washington USA, as well as internationally.

Although not sponsored by iSTOP, international entities offer courses based on Dr. Gunn’s modality with the red book as a prerequisite reading.

For perspective regarding certification and practitioner training, skill set see course prerequisites

The Future for Gunn IMS

As of April 2013, teaching and research has been endowed to UBC. The UBC website may also be informative.

Research facility and clinic named Chan Gunn Pavilion.

The newly built facility supports leading-edge research and clinical training in physical activity and exercise medicine by the UBC Division of Sports Medicine and School of Kinesiology.

Closing Remarks

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If you have any difficulty navigating the directory or wish further assistance in any regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should there be a delay in our response, please see the frequently asked questions page.

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Thank you for making GunnIMS resources available to the public, for patients, practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts alike.

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