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The Gunn Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pain: Intramuscular Stimulation for Myofascial Pain of Radiculopathic Origin


ISBN-10:  0443054223

ISBN-13:  9780443054228Second Edition 1996

First Edition 1989

This book is essential reading for physiotherapists, sports medicine therapists, massage therapists, as well as medical doctors involved in pain therapy.

Translated into several languages and distributed internationally.

Author: Dr. C. Chan Gunn Wikipedia

2nd Edition - Hardcover Published by Churchill Livingstone  Elsevier

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Forward by Prof. Patrick D Wall Wikipedia

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English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German

Translators wanted for further propagation of this material into additional languages.

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Forward ix

Preface to Second Edition xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Introduction xv


An overview 1

An introduction to radiculopathic pain 3

IMS - the technique 11

Treating chronic pain 17

References for Part 1 - 18


Intramuscular stimulation in practice 21

Summary 23

Guidelines for diagnosis 25

Treatment and needle technique 31

General examination 39

Regional examination and specific treatment 47

Cervical spine 51

Upper limb 61

-- shoulder 61

-- elbow and forearm 66

-- wrist and hand 71

Back 75

-- dorsal back 75

-- lumbar back 78

Lower limb 87

-- buttock 87

-- posterior thigh 90

-- anterior thigh and knee 91

-- leg and dorsum of foot 96

-- calf 99

-- foot 101


Supplementary information 105

Musculoskeletal pain of spondylotic origin 107

Table I. Shortened muscles in common syndromes 115

Table II. Segmental innervation of muscles 117

Sources of supplies 121

Suggested reading 123

Abbreviations for commonly treated muscles 125


Appendices 127

List of appendices 129



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