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  • 09 May 2022 17:40 | Anonymous


    Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

    Has anyone tried Gunn IMS therapy? I recently tried one treatment with good results. I can find a lot of information online about EDS and Gunn IMS treatment.

    Jul 18, 2015:
    7 replies (as at May 9, 2022)


  • 08 Feb 2022 16:55 | Anonymous



    Dr. Allan Lam PowerPoint presentation with audio caption.

    "A Systemic and Effective Approach to Treat (Non-Cancer) Chronic Myofascial Pain"

    Dr. Allan C.P. Lam (MD, CGIMS) welcomes public inquiries and will post responses to weblog.

    View PPT

    iSTOP member profile

  • 16 Dec 2019 10:45 | Anonymous

    Tortured By Chronic Pain? Dry Needling Is an Alternative To Opioids


    The Paper of Montgomery County,
    Crawfordsville, Indiana USA

    December 15, 2019

    Maybe a sports injury is the problem. Maybe arthritis or some other health condition is the culprit.
    Regardless of the cause, nearly 20 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, worrying every day about flare-ups that interfere with their enjoyment of life. While many people turn to painkillers as their first line of defense, others are finding relief in opioid-free methods, such as dry needling.

    “Many people view pain as being a bad thing in itself, but actually it is nature’s warning system, meant to protect us,” says Nicky Snazell (, a physiotherapist and author of The 4 Keys to Health and other books.

    “We need to heed that warning and address the real cause of the problem, not just look for ways to mask the symptoms.”

    While Snazell says painkillers have their place, she prefers an integrative approach to combating pain, combining the most potent aspects of medicine with complementary therapies. Dry needling is one of the methods she’s a proponent of and regularly practices.

    For those unfamiliar, here’s how the Mayo Clinic describes dry needling: A thin monofilament needle penetrates the skin and treats underlying muscular trigger points for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Snazell practices what is known as the Gunn IMS method, which also uses dry needling to treat neuropathic pain.

    Some professional athletes, such as NBA star Anthony Davis, have turned to dry needling to help them overcome troublesome conditions such as back spasms.

    Research indicates that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, and normalizes dysfunction of the motor-end plates, the sites at which nerve impulses are transmitted to muscles, according to the American Physical Therapy Association. This can help speed up the patient's return to active rehabilitation.

    “Dry needling is used as part of a wider physiotherapy treatment and succeeds where other treatments fail,” says Snazell, who over three decades has performed dry needling with success on thousands of patients in the United Kingdom.

    A few points the American Physical Therapy Association says patients should know about dry needling include:
    The technique uses a “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle. Other terms commonly used to describe dry needling include trigger point dry needling and intramuscular manual therapy.

    Although there are similarities, dry needling is not acupuncture, a practice based on traditional Chinese medicine and performed by acupuncturists. Dry needling is a part of modern Western medicine principles, and supported by research. (There has been controversy in this area, though, with acupuncturists in some states trying to block physical therapists from using the procedure, saying they are infringing on the acupuncturists’ turf.)

    Physical therapists who perform dry needling obtain specific postgraduate education and training. When contacting a physical therapist for dry needling treatment, the association says, ask about their specific experience and education.

    Beyond dry needling, medication, and other pain-relief therapies, Snazell says those battling pain also can ease some of their suffering through lifestyle changes.

    “We need to realize that many causes of pain are self-inflicted and can be easily avoided,” she says. “Find ways to lower your stress level. Change your diet to avoid such things as processed foods and excess sugar. Exercise regularly. All of these activities can play a role in helping you to reduce your pain and get more enjoyment out of life.”

    About Nicky Snazell - iSTOP Member Profile

    Nicky Snazell (, author of The 4 Keys to Health and other books, is director of Nicky Snazell’s Wellness & Physiotherapy in the United Kingdom. She is a physiotherapist and pain specialist. Snazell is the founder of three health companies and still treats patients, embracing holistic physiotherapy, healthy living, and new technology for joint repair. After 30 years of treating patients, including about 14,000 at her clinic’s Midlands location, Snazell has seen a huge success rate. She also makes presentations internationally on health, wellbeing and pain relief.

  • 23 Nov 2017 12:31 | Anonymous

    BACKLINKS - Testimonials

    1000+ external websites contain links to the legacy and websites. These demonstrate the international reach of interest regarding Dr. Gunn's modality of treatment as well as provide patient and practitioner testimonials.

    see raw data spreadsheet

  • 13 May 2017 06:47 | Anonymous

    My name is D.R. I have been in intense pain for 6 years. Following a car accident and after specialist evaluation I was diagnosed with thoracic and myofascial pain. After many different types of medication I was not having any pain relief. Many blocks have created the system to fail at providing the help I needed. I was determined to find help, my life was so miserable. I lost many people who I had in my life because I was so depressed, the pain isolated me. Then my doctor sent me to a physiotherapist that used intramuscular stimulation (IMS). My life turned around, I felt the brain fog lift and energy came back. I could have hope now that we found a treatment that helps me live with relief. With a plan in place with IMS and therapy I have a bright future. I want to thank Mr. Gunn for never giving up on his crusade to bring this treatment to the medical field. It is truly a blessing. I hope to meet Mr. Gunn one day to personally thank him. I hope the medical field embraces this treatment throughout the system. It is time now as the chronic pain people are living with only medication to help. It (IMS) is a very simple process and can offer people a brighter future. I thank you for your passion to help people in pain. Blessings, D.R. Canada

  • 04 Jun 2015 15:23 | Anonymous

    SUBMITTED INFORMATION - from our archives

    Hi there, Just wanted to pop by and say I\'ve been plagued by nerve pain originating from car accidents. It has ruined my life. The physical toll has been incredible. I\'ve been unable to do chores, my work week has been force ably shortened. The first accident (2008) was followed by 6 months of traditional physiotherapy and a big load of gabapentin to reset my brain. Neuropathic pain is something i would wish upon no one. I was in another car accident last November. The pain returned. I had no relief untill yesterday. I had happened to come into a physiotherapy clinic in Langley that does IMS treatment. Last night i slept for the first time in months. I am at work today (on time i might add) The relief is un comprable. I am still on a few muscle relaxer drugs as prescribed. I have my next appointment for Friday. The emotions i feel right now cannot be described. There is a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. All i can say is if you are in pain. Go see someone and try this. If you know physical pain with no end in sight. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    (I,M.) - submitted June 3, 2014

    Dear iSTOP clinic,

    I was recently exposed to IMS at a physiotherapy appointment in Whistler. I had quite a remarkable experience, as perhaps many have had before me. The reason for my visit was to treat chronic plantar fasciitis, and my plantar fasciitis was relieved substantially after only one visit. I went back for another session and asked the therapist to work on my lower back which had been injured in a lifting injury several years ago. She needled me in my QL and thoracic/lumbar spinal muscles and I felt incredible relief, not just in chronic tightness and pain, but in digestive function, energy level, and general ease in function. I went back for a third session to work on my right leg and foot, which had been injured in various biking and skiing and running activities. I now find that my ability to use the muscles of my leg correctly has increased. My glutes are now firing correctly (they were difficult to activate). I was amazed at the pain and spasm reduction but because IMS is intended for pain relief, I expected those results.

    But what is most remarkable to me is the increased energy, improved digestion, and other functions that have improved along with the pain relief.

    I wanted to ask Dr. Gunn if, aside from using IMS for chronic pain, he has found IMS to be effective in other functions carried by the nerves that were previously blocked. For example, digestion that may have been impaired by a lower back injury, proprioception impaired by a glute issue, and general fatigue improved by effective nerve function.

    Briefly stated, is IMS activating the nerves or the muscles, or both? Have you found it to improve general well being, general health and other non-skeletal muscle functions in your patients over the years?

    Thanks for developing this incredible modality. As a PhD scientist, I am naturally curious and would like to understand better how to benefit most from IMS and my past injuries.

    With regards,

    (M.M. Ph.D. - Geneticist) - submitted February 17, 2012

    I have been seeing Dr. Brian R. Bennett in Edmonton, Alberta, regarding a Rotator Cuff injury from years of sports activities. After my very first treatment within a day I had lost about 60-70% of the pain I was having in my shoulder. I also gained a little more movement in my arm. The pain was my big issue as it has kept me awake most nights as it was constant all the time. Loosing movement in my shoulder was also very important, but now as I gain control of my arm back, I\'m at least not in constant pain all day long. After my second treatment, I have gained a little more movement back. It will take a while to work out the issues, but I\'m confident that it will happen. I also wanted to let anybody with this type of injury or other know that I am not a big fan of needles and was a little sceptical at first, but I am a firm believer now. It doesn't sound very appealing to have needles stuck in you, but believe me, it is WELL worth it! The needles hardly bother me at all even when they are put in the problem areas and with the quick return of my movement in my arm and the vast loss in the pain I had makes it well worth it. Dr. Bennett is fantastic and really knows his stuff, plus he\'s been doing it almost since the very beginning when Dr. Gunn introduced it. I really lucked out by contacting him from the very start. I\'m sure I would have spent a lot of wasted time, money and sleep if I had gone to a regular doctor who may not have understood these types of injuries. Dr. Bennett can be reached at: if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

    (S.B.) – submitted March 17, 2011

    I cannot praise this method of pain relief enough. Following its success on my own badly worn back I recommend IMS to everyone I know. I have watched my Mum be cured of her arthritis, my cousin come off of morphine and all medication for her hip pain, a dear colleague return back to work on the very day his back operation was due, my Fiance is nearly totally off his acid reflux medication, my colleague's husband is cured of severe shoulder pain. It has NEVER failed. Trouble is that it sounds too good to be true that most people think I'm just talking about some "witch doctor" treatment and don't believe me. I long for the day that this becomes a recognised method of pain relief and is available on the NHS. Keep up the good work guys.

    (L. S.) Oxford, England – submitted March 18, 2011

    I have been having IMS for the last 6 years or so. I cannot speak highly enough about this treatment. I had been visiting physiotherapists and chiropractors for YEARS. I had some successes for a short time with some; others gave me no relief. I eventually met Wendy Bowen of Startline Physiotherapy in Duncan, BC. While IMS will not "cure" my ailments, it is by far the most effective management therapy of my pain. I "crave" my needles now which is odd because the treatment can be very uncomfortable. The beauty of the treatment though is you can have as much IMS as you can tolerate. The more you do in one session, the bigger the relief so it is the old "no pain, no gain" story. You feel a little muscular soreness after the treatment but it's gone within a day or two. IMS keeps me comfortable and able to go pain free throughout my day and I can not say that about any other physio treatment I have received. I LOVE IMS. (and I love that it involves no drugs, side effects, etc.) I am a total believer in IMS as a treatment for chronic muscular pain.

    (S.R.) - submitted September 14, 2014

IMS has helped thousands of patients completely resolve their chronic pain when all other treatments failed. iSTOP regularly receives testimonials from patients who visited either the Vancouver clinic or the offices of hundreds of trained IMS practitioners worldwide.

Practitioner Testimonials

Dr. Gunn's work is cited as a major contribution in the first three volumes of this publication.

Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity

"IMS have changed my career as a neurosurgeon"


"A road into the doctoral program: Interest in a clinical technique – Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation

"I have been a musculoskeletal physical therapist for nearly twenty years and over that time, I have derived great satisfaction from my clinical work. A few years ago, however, I became interested in learning more about what had become my favourite clinical technique – Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation, or “IMS”".


Lyndall Solomons - October 26, 2016

"A story of pain, success and hope for patients

My story began in 4th year medical school when I opted to write my Clinical Medicine essay on Pain Management. I studied the Analgesic Ladder and wrote up my findings which were to form the basis of all pain medication treatments in my medical career. Later in residency I was perplexed when my esteemed Geriatric physician mentor was unable to explain why elderly patients had frequent painful legs on palpation"

College of Family Physicians of Canada 


Wayne Phimister - 2014 iSTOP Member.


"I have been a physiotherapist for ten years and have continued to add layers of knowledge and skills to my tool belt.  Two of those skills have been real eye openers and game changers for me.  The first big one was the profound effectiveness of skilled dry needling called  IMS acupuncture.  I trained with  Dr Chan Gunn in 2008 and the skills I learned completely changed my practice for the better".  


Brent Stevenson - iSTOP Member

A Message from the Owner

"Upon seeing firsthand how effective IMS can be in alleviating pain, I took my training at ISTOP and immediately incorporated it into my daily physiotherapy practice. I was very fortunate to have done my practicum work at ISTOP with Dr. Gunn himself. I got to see exactly how to perform the treatment in order for it to be most effective, with the added benefit of being able to practice IMS under Dr. Gunn’s tutelage. He taught me a great deal and deserves all the credit in the world. Without him I never would have been able to offer such a valuable service to my patients".


Cory Garman - iSTOP Member Profile

"IMS is the most effective method of treatment I have ever learned in medical colleges, neurosurgery resident days. I think IMS have changed my career as a neurosurgeon and many of neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons.

Since I learned IMS in 1995, I have made regular meetings and study groups around my area. So many physicians and surgeons use IMS as their routine job. To get a regular IMS membership, What should they do? I think all of them have a good knowledge of IMS and regards IMS as the most effective and scientific method."

Kwanghwi Ok

"Dr. Gunn has been a key figure in the recognition and treatment of the widespread painful condition of soft tissue rheumatism. He deserves great credit for his classical clinical description of this syndrome."

Professor Patrick Wall FRS, DM, FRCP, Professor Emeritus,

United Medical and Dental Schools, London, UK

"Dr. Chan Gunn, well known in Vancouver for his pioneering work in the successful treatment of chronic pain, has been honored by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada [and has been named] the Clifford G. Woolfe Lecturer, an honor awarded annually for "significant contributions to the science of the clinical practice of acupuncture." Dr. Gunn has developed a form of medical acupuncture called intramuscular stimulation, with which he has achieved excellent results among patients for whom all commonly used therapies, including traditional acupuncture, had failed."

The British Columbia Medical Journal

Volume 37, Number 7, July 1995

...meticulously thorough clinical assessment of muscular function, ... more detailed than most orthopaedic examinations ......most important feature, broth from objective observation and personal experience, is the immediacy of response ... most impressive to see immediate and substantial changes in the range of movements, with ... diminution of pain.

C Gregory MB, FRCP (C)

"Trained in traditional Western medicine, I was somewhat skeptical, but as I have seen more and more patients with chronic musculoskeletal pains that do not respond to any conventional form of therapy, I have turned to ideas and solutions. I must say I have been very impressed at the results."

Dr. John W. Bell, Specialist Anesthetist and

Director of Chronic Pain Services, New Zealand

"After 25 years of dealing with problems from the locomotor system I have the opinion that Dr. Gunn's IMS technique is the most important contribution in the field in the last 10 years."

Bengt Johansson MD, Chairman,

Swedish Society for Orthopaedic Medicine

"I have found Gunn's Intramuscular Stimulation technique to be most effective... there is no other pain treatment available to date that can immediately predict in an objective fashion whether a patient will respond to the treatment (administered)."

Jennifer Chu-Andrew, Associate Professor Director,

Electrodiagnosis Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre

"I think your paper is excellent, and very important. So many of these cases go by undetected or misdiagnosed, and the patients are accused (after the usual negative radiologic and orthopedic findings) of being 'crocks'. As I've told you earlier, I've always greatly admired your work, and I think this paper is a very important contribution."

Professor Ronald Melzack, McGill University

"I am an Orthopaedic Manual Therapist and I use IMS frequently throughout my day. With patients who tolerate needles well, it may be the treatment of choice and is the only treatment I might use on them. With other patients IMS can be a valued addition to mobilization, manipulation, stretching, and exercise."

Patricia Tannant, Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist

"I am a Korean medical doctor specializing in anesthesiology. I encountered your new pain theory and IMS at the international pain conference last August in Seoul. Recently IMS is my daily main resource for pain management. In every IMS case I find the righteousness of your pain modality in an excellent outcome. I can treat many cervical and lumbar radiculopathy patients who have suffered many years without any help from conventional treatment methods."

Seong Ho Bang, MD

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to train at your institute to learn Intramuscular Stimulation. . . I have put it to good use and have found your technique very effective."

Artemio G. Pagdan, MD

"On September 11th, John reported that he can now be pain free at rest and bear weight for up to 30 minutes before pain recurs. . .This is a remarkable improvement."

John Oldham, RPT

"I was very much impressed by your textbook 'Treating Myofascial Pain'. I work at Toho University as a pain clinician."

Soujun Kure

"I hurt my back when I fell twelve feet in a pole vaulting accident. The pain subsided within two weeks, but years later, returned. I couldn't even get out of bed. I tried every possible treatment until a doctor friend used IMS on me. Within two treatments, I could walk normally. I was so impressed that I gave up all my previous methods of treating chronic pain and adopted Dr. Gunn's technique."

Dr. David Kim, Assistant Professor, New Jersey

Patient Testimonials

Repetitive Strain Injury RSI
Spinal Dysfunction; my symptoms...

I am now in my eighth week off sick, but I have had the first IMS treatment and looking forward to the next one tomorrow… My arms on the whole are much better already. I can iron for 30 minutes now (yippee?), which was unthinkable 8 days ago.


Anonymous - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Chronic Pain Management – Why you need a multidisciplinary team of health professionals

The Report on Pain 2011, commissioned by Canadian Pain Coalition, explores the patient journey of Canadians living with chronic pain. “Twenty-one percent of those living with chronic pain waited two years or more for a diagnosis and only fifty-four percent of those with a diagnosis have a treatment plan.” The good news is that ninety-one percent of those with a treatment plan play an active role in their pain treatment plan.“Twenty-one percent of those living with chronic pain waited two years or more for a diagnosis and only fifty-four percent of those with a diagnosis have a treatment plan.” 


Carolyn Morgan - elementary school teacher and author

Blog Post

I've had regular neck and upper back pain from working on the computer for so many years. I've done massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture. All of the treatments provided temporary relief but the problem persisted. Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is highly recommended to help with chronic pain. ... 


Denise O - February 2013

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute


IMS Stops Back Pain - The story of John Fisher


In 1999, John Fisher injured his back lifting weights. He had a disketomy but after three years had to retire from his job as a diplomat with the U.S. Embassy in Thailand because of the back pain. Returning to the States, he had two more back surgeries, another disketomy and a back fusion.


To cope with the pain Fisher tried multiple treatment options, including physical therapy, mediation, massage therapy, chiropractic care and steroidal epidural injections.




Little-known intramuscular stimulation can offer pain relief

The Spokesman-Review - John Stucke


Faced with yet another back surgery, John Fisher remembers slumping in his chair, dispirited. “I guess I knew that’s what it would come to,” the Spokane man said. “And I knew that, eventually, my pain would return.”



Controlling Neck Pain - The story of Dr. Gregory Luna

After a waterskiing injury, vascular surgeon Dr. Gregory Luna had two spinal surgeries and a four level neck fusion over the next two years.

While he was left with some pain, for several years was able to control the discomfort with a mixture of rest, massage, stretching, cervical distraction and the warm heat of a whirlpool. Then, in the spring of 2009, after a long work weekend, he experienced pain and numbness that wasn’t relieved by the normal methods.



Playing Again With IMS Therapy - The story of Peter Johnson


It was January 2006. At first he tried to practice lightly, hoping it would go away, he says. “It never did.”


So he sought medical help. The first diagnosis was tendonitis and he tried physical therapy. That didn’t help. Over the next months he tried cortisone shots, physical therapy and rest. He even had his left thumb immobilized in a cast for two months, but nothing alleviated the pain. “I stopped playing. If I played for longer than 10 or 15 minutes, the pain would come. I was very limited. I couldn’t play. There was no option. It wasn’t going to get better and my piano career was over”



IMS for Back Pain - The story of Keith Schwartz


During a workplace injury in 2005, Keith Schwartz received two compression fractures in his spine. The back trauma led to chronic pain, spasms and burning sensations that persisted through a host of treatments. He tried physical therapy,chiropractic care, massage therapy and pain medication with little relief.


Improving Low Back Pain - The story of Dr. Terrance Judge

After rupturing a disk in his lower back, retired cardiologist Dr. Terrance Judge had a diskectomy and fusion. The surgery was successful and he returned to his active lifestyle, which included skiing, tennis and flying.

But about two years later, he developed low back pain again. “It prevented me from being physically active. I stopped playing tennis and skiing.”
He tried massage therapy and over-the-counter pain medication, but it didn’t help much, he says. Then he read an article about Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) therapy performed by Dr. Goodman at St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute.



No More Pain in the Neck - The story of Cindy Roth


Nothing was working after a car accident left Cindy Roth with chronic pain – until visiting Steven R. Goodman, MD for Intramuscular Stimulation therapy at St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice.


It all began when an oncoming car turned right in front of her. Cindy Roth was driving the speed limit, but she still slammed into the turning vehicle. The impact rocked her forcibly and flung her between the two seats, seatbelt still buckled.


She tried massage therapy and went to a chiropractor but relief was short-lived. “While both made me feel better for short periods of time, nothing had lasting effects. After almost a year, my pain was still there,” she says.


To Dr. Craig Martin;

I was out of town when your group visited the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, but feel compelled to relate my experience with Dr. Chan Gunn.

After years of suffering chronic back problems related to the fifth lumbar I found myself unable to participate in virtually any physical activity.  I had the opportunity to see both sports medicine and back specialists, but with little relief.  Dr. Gunn had been recommended to me by Ian Barclay, former chairman of BC Forest Products and director of the Royal Bank, because he had benefited greatly from IMS.  

Within a week of the first treatment I was experiencing positive results and after eight treatments my ability to exert myself physically was better than it had been in several years.  Subsequently I have recommended IMS to many acquaintances who have also experienced very positive results.

I appreciate that these results are anecdotal in nature, but it is without reservation that I attest to the effectiveness of IMS.  In my own case, it brought results that other forms of treatment did not.  While some like massage therapy and chiropractic treatment provided temporary relief, IMS is the only method that provided a cure for what had been a chronic problem.  

I would be happy to elaborate on my personal experience at your convenience.


Michael Campbell,

Senior Business Analyst BCTV, CKNW, Vancouver Sun,

Chairman Western Waffles Group.  


Less than a year ago I was, for lack of a better word, a wreck. Every day I was on ... antidepressants, hormones, muscle relaxers and sleeping pills. My Doctors were telling me that the only possible chance I had at a normal life was through surgery. It was recommended that I get a double disc replacement. As that operation is not available in the States (they only approved the single operation last November) I would have had to go to Germany for the procedure. My insurance company also told me that they would cancel my coverage if I had the double disc replacement done. I was against the wall with no way out and I was tired of the fight.

Then I came to iSTOP. I remember ... [being told] ... not to get the Disc surgery and saying that ... I needed ongoing treatments and that it would hurt and that I would get better. Then ... the first treatment and it hurt....and I felt better. I stuck with the treatments, did not get the operation and am now 95% cured of the pain. Because of these treatments I have been able to get off of all of my medications, work effectively and even have a much stronger home life. It is as though I have woken from a 3 year fog of pain and drug use and more pain. In reality the care I received from iSTOP gave me back my life.

Richard Berry

"After years of spasms, unrelenting pain and useless medication, IMS has renewed my hope, freed me of the medicine and returned me to a peaceful, more comfortable lady.

The gifted and caring doctors at ISTOP are rendering a great service to those in pain.  I am deeply greatful."

Amelia Lindblad

"Today I had my first IMS treatment... and am astounded at the results!

I came ... in the sixth month of my recovery from a severe MVA multitrauma. For the first three months of physio ... has focused on correcting a trendelenberg gate by strengthening my transverse  abs and general increases in strength and ROM. But ongoing and persistent pain in my femoral triangle and intermittent patellar pain significantly impacted the resumption of my normal life and activities around rehabilitation.

On my visit today, ... administered my first IMS treatment and am amazed at the decrease in pain and increase in ROM I've experienced. Thank you so much for teaching ... this technique and helping me manage my pain without the use of analgesics. If the effects of IMS are cumulative, I cannot wait until my next treatment!"

Catherine Millar

"I [am] very pleased to have the opportunity to write ... on how you saved young Kristof's life and how your art can give healing to so many people who cannot be helped by the regular medical profession.  

I do hope that your form of treatment will be fully recognized within the medical system very soon!  I also hope that you will find enthusiastic and gifted Doctors with open minds, very sharp eyes and especially sensitive hands, who want to learn from you and then start practicing this wonderful technique.  May these Doctors then spread their knowledge all over the world so that help can be given to those patients whom the regular medical system is unable to treat!" 

(Extract from letter)


"I am a violinist in the Montreal Symphony, and if it weren't for his IMS technique, I'm not sure I would still be playing now.  Congratulations to him and keep up the good work!"

Thanks again!

(Extract from letter)

Kathy Palyga

Is it worth the effort to drive all the way from Alaska?

Total Estimated Time:   Total Distance: 
47 hours, 17 minutes   3428.11 km

"Alaska couldn't give me any answers to my illness or pain.  I discovered iSTOP on the internet and read about Dr Gunn's work.  I believed that he had the answer to my pain. So, I packed up my 3 year old twins and drove from Ancorage to Vancouver.  Not only the treatments, but also the education that I received was worth every mile!"

Cindy Philby
Ancorage, Alaska

"In June I consulted you with regards to some problems that I was having with my neck and back and received some treatment from you at that time.  The results from this treatment was tremendous and I have been able to function at an activity level that has astounded  the medical practitioners that I was seeing previously in Singapore."

(Extract from letter)

Richard W

"For the previous thirteen months my hips, legs and back gave me almost constant pain.  My posture had deteriorated and I walked with a rather pronounced limp. 


After thirteen treatments at Dr Gunn's clinic, where intramuscular stimulation is used, I am free of constant pain, my left leg has lengthened and I stand erect.  I can never thank Dr Gunn adequately for his gift."

(Extract from letter)


"For over a decade, I suffered with severe chronic myofascial pain.  The pain was debilitating.  I could not function in any capacity I was accustomed to.  Then, after exhausting the alternatives, I found iSTOP and began IMS treatment.  The procedure was so surprisingly effective that I was able to resume all my normal activities.  I even entered and won a medal in the Senior Games -- this from a person who had trouble walking!  I strongly support Dr. Gunn and his pioneering work in the field of chronic pain.  I only wish others suffering the same distress I did will find out about this life-changing treatment."

Kathryn Gillette
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Three years ago I was diagnosed (within 2 months) with BOTH fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome by 2 different specialists. . .The contractures and resultant pain became so bad that I ended up on disability - egads! As you stated in the medical papers on your web site, I was treated with drugs (and either I couldn't tolerate them or they were ineffective).

Then one day I forgot to take my prescription, and I forgot the next day too. Then I realized, hey, these drugs aren't doing ANYTHING for me, let alone any good, so I went off them. The Long-Term Disability carrier arranged physio through my doctor for me and I, predictably, got worse - because they were treating fibro, but not the problem. I conducted enormous amounts of research (by reading the Trigger Point Manuals, etc.) and decided that I needed to change doctors.

I found a physiotherapist who specializes in IMS and have since been on my long road to healing. In one session alone my low back pain was almost eliminated - after 6 years of debilitating pain! This procedure is amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now know that I don't have to face a lifetime of intractable pain.

You've restored my hope and faith in our medical practitioners. I've also been actively conversing with other individuals diagnosed with "fibro" and informing them of my success. . . and advising them to seek out your treatment as well as a correct diagnosis. I will continue to spread the word at every opportunity. Again, THANK YOU IMMENSELY!!"

Cate Terek
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I hurt my back when I fell twelve feet in a pole vaulting accident. The pain subsided within two weeks, but years later, returned. I couldn't even get out of bed. I tried every possible treatment until a doctor friend used IMS on me. Within two treatments, I could walk normally. I was so impressed that I gave up all my previous methods of treating chronic pain and adopted Dr. Gunn's technique."

Dr. David Kim

Assistant Professor, New Jersey

"Having personally experienced the relief that IMS can bring, I wish I could go back in time and convince myself not to have the spinal operation. I would have looked for a less invasive, lower risk alternative. IMS would have saved me much pain."

David Cox
England, United Kingdom



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