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Published Works - Unabridged

Link directory to collection of published works relating to the Gunn modality of intramuscular stimulation, dry needling.

Scattering of feathers to the wind...

Efforts to index has yielded a harvest of primary, secondary, tertiary references to Gunn IMS - UNABRIDGED.

ARCHIVE "LIVING" LIBRARY - we started here, got overwhelmed and moved on... see below

GUNN IMS VIDEOS - lectures, interviews, power point presentations, international 

FOUNDATION PUBLICATIONS - Gunn Approach "Red Book", international

FEATURED BOOKS - historical "stand on the shoulders of giants" & modern "offshoot" works 

CITED WORKS - Dashboard, reverse osmosis approach to indexing


PATIENT EDUCATION - What is IMS? Google Translated 100+ languages, international

GOOGLE SCHOLAR - C. Chan Gunn original published works as sole author or co-author (100+ citations) 
Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

SEARCHABLE INDEX - Google Drive (spreadsheet) is currently being used to create a database of search engine results for CC Gunn.
Sign in to Google to filter log of results by topic of interest, field of study, medical discipline, publisher, DOI, ISBN, author, date, popularity, etc.

RESEARCH - iSTOP'S legacy website is no longer being maintained, however continues to display historical information. 

RESEARCH DASHBOARD - iSTOP'S new portal displays latest information regarding Gunn IMS.

SITEMAPS - bridge link directory to straddle both iSTOP's legacy and new portal websites

New web-pages under construction - launch pending


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Thank you for making GunnIMS resources available to the public, for patients, practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts alike.

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