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Dr. C. Chan Gunn Receives the Chinese Canadian Legend Award (CCLA) 2015

Chinese Canadian Legend Award (CCLA) 2015

Held: October 31, 2015


"Dr. Chan Gunn has, since 1968, examined and treated patients who suffer from chronic pain.

He has found, contrary to traditional medical knowledge, that pain is rarely caused by injury. Instead, chronic pain commonly follows a mild functional disorder in a nerve or "neuropathy". This type of pain is now called "Neuropathic Pain".

Neuropathic Pain does not respond to medication, thus the vast sums of money presently spent on drugs is, in fact, wasted and harmful.

The most common site of nerve degeneration is at the spinal nerve root, where the effects of ageing begins.

An effective method to relieve spinal nerve neuropathy is to accurately stimulate it using a needle. This safe and simple anatomical procedure blends East and West philosophies and obviates surgery".


"Dr. Chit-Chan Gunn: For over half a century, Dr. Chit-Chan Gunn has been practising medicine and is a world-renowned “pain expert” with his invention of an effective and safe treatment called “Intramuscular stimulation” (IMS) in 1970s, which is based on a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. At the age of 84, Dr. Gunn continues to develop his work, and was awarded the Order of British Columbia and a Member of the Order of Canada".


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Meric Gertler, President of University of Toronto, Presenter

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Dr. Ong Too visits with Dr. Chan Gunn, from Malaysia for UBC Gunn IMS Lecture

October 22, 2015



Congratulations to iSTOP board member Maggie Ip, who received an
honorary degree in June 2015 from Simon Fraser U

SFU Honourary Degree Recipients

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iSTOP's role is transitioning to
UBC Gunn IMS Program – Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
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