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El síndrome de sensibilización espinal segmentaria: nueva propuesta de criterios diagnósticos para la investigación


Dr. Tomas Nakazato Nakamine: 
Médico Fisiatra. Director Médico de CEDOMUH (Clínica Especializada en Dolor Muscular y del Hueso). Lima, Perú. 
Médico Asistente de la Clínica Anglo Americana-Lima, Perú.

(this author provided a commentary regarding the Gunn Approach book in 2010, click here)

Dr. Pedro Romero Ventosilla: 
Médico Fisiatra. Director Médico del Centro de Medicina Física, Ortopédica y Manual-Lima, Perú.

Rev Mex Med Fis Rehab 2019; 31 (1-2)

Idioma: Español
Referencias bibliográficas: 27
Paginas: 6-12
Archivo PDF: 244.91 Kb.

SOURCE - Spanish

Journal: Revista Mexicana de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación, Year 2019, Issue 1-2

Palabras Clave:
sensibilización del nervio espinal, estructuras denervadas de hipersensibilidad, hipersensibilidad, inervación, regenerativa, rehabilitación, dolor musculoesquelético, dolor miofascial, dolor crónico, síndrome de dolor, diagnóstico, criterios diagnósticos, estandarización, investigación epidemiológica, internacional, mundial, global

¿Qué es el IMS? traducido a más de 100 idiomas - SPANISH ESPAÑOL


Spinal segmental sensitization syndrome: proposed new diagnostic criteria for research

ARTICLE ENGLISH (WORD) Google Quick Translated, pending human review

Dr. Tomas Nakazato Nakamine:

Physiatrist. Medical Director of CEDOMUH (Specialized Clinic in Muscle and Bone Pain). Lima Peru.
Assistant Physician of the Anglo Americana-Lima Clinic, Peru.

Dr. Pedro Romero Ventosilla:

Physiatrist. Medical Director of the Center for Physical, Orthopedic and Manual Medicine-Lima, Peru.

Rev Mex Med Fis Rehab 2019; 31 (1-2)

Spanish Language

References: 27

Pages: 6-12

PDF file: 244.91 Kb.

SOURCE - English

Journal: Mexican Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Year 2019, Issue 1-2


spinal nerve sensitization, supersensitivity denervated structures, hypersensitive, innervation, regenerative, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal pain, myofascial pain, chronic pain, pain syndrome, diagnosis, diagnostic criteria, standardization, epidemiological research, international, worldwide, global

What is IMS? translated to 100+ languages - INDEX

Outcomes in Patients Treated with Integrative Pain Management and Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation

University of Washington Center for Pain Relief

David Lindenberg, DO, Heather Tick, MD, Brian Theodore PhD

Study Report - Downloadable PDF

Keywords: medical study, description of treatments, methods, results, discussion, research report, chart review, Gunn IMS, CGIMS, dry needling, intramuscular stimulation, myofascial pain, pain score, PainTracker, UW Medicine, CC Gunn


iSTOP's role is transitioning to
UBC Gunn IMS Program – Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
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