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Explore interactive tools, online resources to help understand pain: chronic vs acute, referred, neuropathic, pain-opathies. Focus of references is to external sources of information related to intramuscular stimulation, Gunn IMS, CGIMS. Find definitions, glossaries, infographics, charts, videos, whiteboard presentations to understand the anatomy of pain, interactive learning.

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INNER BODY Interactively explore human anatomy, physiology

Inner Body (all) 

Muscular System


Trigger Point (TrP) 72+ Charts - Find the Source of Muscle Pain

Life After Pain


Trigger Point (TrP) - Referred Pain Patterns

Anatomic online search tool to view human body via map, muscle names, or by symptoms.

Interactive educational reference tool for pain patterns and Trigger Point diagrams. 

Adaptation from Travell and Simons Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Volumes 1 and 2.

The Trigger Point & Referred Pain Guide  English

Der Triggerpunkt- und Referred Pain-Leitfaden  Deutsch / Geman

El punto gatillo y la guía del dolor referido  Español / Spanish


Learn Human Anatomy - Youtube KenHub - English

Anatomie des Menschen lernen - Youtube  KenHub - Deutsch German

16 Anatomic Mnemonics

Editor: Christine Wiebe  |  March 14, 2017 MEDSCAPE

How do you remember the anatomical structures housed by the retroperitoneum?

Nick Love, PhD, a second-year medical student at Stanford University, created these whimsical images to help remember parts of the human anatomy.

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Slideshow   PDF


Gunn Approach "Red Book" - foundation reading for Gunn IMS courses.

Red Book

Indexed database of published works and research, 1000+ languages.

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Musculoskeletal Key - intramuscular stimulation

chronic pain   radiculopathy

trigger points   neuropathies

referred pain   dry needling   acupuncture sample pages by topic


International Association of the Study of Pain's pain glossary, taxonomy.


General overview of pain, publicly supported encyclopedia.

Physio Roots

Definition for intramuscular stimulation (IMS)

Encyclopedic physiotherapy perspective reference of human anatomy with diagrams, videos, .gif images.

Psoas Major

example pelvic muscle

Free Access Medical Dictionary with simplified medical terminology.

myofascial pain syndromes

example search term


Not ready for Needles?

There are many other manual approaches to pain treatment that have migrated away from the acupuncture needle.

Different approach, same objective.

Get the Muscles to Relax 

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