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Employment opportunities in which Gunn IMS (CGIMS) is required, preferred, or an asset are gathered to the iSTOP careers webpage to encourage collaboration.

Is your clinic seeking to hire a Gunn IMS certified practitioner?

There is no charge for employers to list at this time, however *** subject to change ***.

When submitting opportunity details, please provide:

  • Job description
  • Clinic location(s)
  • Contact
  • PT / Full time
  • Temporary / Permanent
  • Closing date
  • Posting ID#
  • Weblink or PDF application form

CPD - Continuing Professional Development (CGIMS)

Employment - Job Postings (CGIMS)

Certification - How to become certified as a Gunn IMS Practitioner (CGIMS)

Network - tool tips for Linkedin, Twitter, etc to improve your professional profile

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