New International Directory

2013 saw a new portal launched to help manage our growing membership.  
Membership Software - Wild Apricot

The new International iSTOP Member Directory has been created to provide a better experience for patients seeking health care aid. The modern format allows for quicker search functionality and ease of maintenance, among many other features. It is encouraging to see that the membership list has grown exponentially, to the point that efficient maintenance has become a priority.

Looking “peachy”!


WildApricot offers many features which we hope to see roll out over the coming year. The first priority is function and integrity of data, next priority will be the aesthetics. Noted, the directory still requires some work to make it “happen”. Improvements in integration may include:

  • Search functionality, simple & advanced
  • Member sign-in privileges
  • Privacy settings
  • Profile management, add photo!
  • Data integrity, maintain up to date contact info
  • Branding
  • SEO - search engine optimization
  • Invoicing & Receipts
  • Online payments
  • Referrals
  • eMail Newsletters
  • Membership renewals, auto notifications
  • Events
  • Expanded membership roles
  • Donations
  • ... last but not least, aesthetics!

Group / Multiple Listings

Your membership entitles you to one free listing in the Practitioner Directory. Additional listings may be requested for group/combination listings ie: individuals working from multiple locations, or clinic group with multiple practitioners working from the same clinic requiring only one listing. See webform for rates.

We hope you will enjoy the new web experience as much as we are!

Our gratitude goes out to all iSTOP members and donors for making this directory possible. 

Thank you for making GunnIMS resources available to the public, for patients, practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Gunn IMS "points" the way!

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