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ISTOP Position: Editor(s)

Editorial reviewer required for the purpose of assessing submitted papers, case reports in relation to topics involving intramuscular stimulation for publication, collaboration, and distribution. Research, medical reports and article writing has been ongoing since 1967 and continues to incite public and scholarly interest.

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About Us:

iSTOP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the understanding and treatment of soft tissue pain and related conditions, and supports educators and practitioners of GunnIMS worldwide. With the support of its subscription member base, iSTOP provides funding for research, fosters career path development, knowledge growth, public awareness and education.

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of neuropathic dysfunction and pain is experiencing certain industry success and is our immediate focus.

Promoting the study and science of IMS into the future possibilities is our long term commitment: To elevate GunnIMS beyond a perceived industry distinction is our objective.

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What is GunnIMS?

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal pain syndromes and neuropathic dysfunction in the peripheral nervous system.

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Associate Organisation:

Teaching and research of GunnIMS has been conducted at the University of British Columbia since 2013.  iSTOP continues to support UBC’s stated initiatives: to fund, facilitate, develop, implement, and promote activities, facilities, and programs which will foster the education of physicians and physiotherapists, using the GUNN IMS technique as developed by its founder, Dr. Chan Gunn.

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Editorial support to researchers, practitioner testimonials and scholarly works related to the Gunn modality of treatment in intramuscular stimulation. Literary review of case / field study, abstracts, medical papers, reports which are submitted to iSTOP for assessment from international sources.

Preferred Skills:

Degree in sciences.

Language: English, multilingual interest an asset but not required.


This is an outreach inquiry for a non-paid volunteer role to support the furtherance of interest and support of the study of GunnIMS. No remuneration is offered at this time; however possibility exists for future re-evaluation for paid employment based on successful candidate(s) participation. Future remuneration would be based on candidate qualifications, experience and participatory commitment, and would meet with generally accepted industry pay scale expectation.

This is a career development opportunity. We feel that the enrichment to your knowledge base in the medical sciences and research will enhance your professional profile. Joining our team at iSTOP as a supporting editor(s) on a volunteer basis will be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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