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13 May 2017 06:47 | Anonymous

My name is D.R. I have been in intense pain for 6 years. Following a car accident and after specialist evaluation I was diagnosed with thoracic and myofascial pain. After many different types of medication I was not having any pain relief. Many blocks have created the system to fail at providing the help I needed. I was determined to find help, my life was so miserable. I lost many people who I had in my life because I was so depressed, the pain isolated me. Then my doctor sent me to a physiotherapist that used intramuscular stimulation (IMS). My life turned around, I felt the brain fog lift and energy came back. I could have hope now that we found a treatment that helps me live with relief. With a plan in place with IMS and therapy I have a bright future. I want to thank Mr. Gunn for never giving up on his crusade to bring this treatment to the medical field. It is truly a blessing. I hope to meet Mr. Gunn one day to personally thank him. I hope the medical field embraces this treatment throughout the system. It is time now as the chronic pain people are living with only medication to help. It (IMS) is a very simple process and can offer people a brighter future. I thank you for your passion to help people in pain. Blessings, D.R. Canada

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